A. M. Paracha

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This paper presents an analysis, behavioral modeling and functional design of a capacitive vibration energy harvester, composed from a mechanical resonator, capacitive transducer and a conditioning circuit based on the BUCK DC-DC converter architecture. The goal of the study is to identify the optimal scenario of the BUCK switch commutation and to propose a(More)
This paper presents a working silicon-based MEMS electrostatic transducer for harvesting and converting the energy of vibrations into electrical energy. The transducer is fabricated in a batch silicon-on-glass process. Two designs, for 1D and 2D vibrations, are addressed. The 1D harvester demonstrates between 60 and 100 nW of mechanical-to-electrical power(More)
According to the software engineering perspective, grammars can be viewed as “Specifications for defining languages or compilers”. They form the basics of languages and several important kinds of software rely on grammars; e.g. compilers and parsers, debuggers, code processing tools, software modification tools, and software analysis tools. Testing a(More)
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