A M Oliveira-Silva

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Regulation of NF kappaB activity is central to many processes during development and disease. Activation of NF kappaB family members depends on degradation of inhibitory I kappaB proteins. In Drosophila, a nuclear gradient of the NF kappaB/c-rel protein Dorsal subdivides the embryonic dorsal-ventral axis, defining the extent and location of mesodermal and(More)
Evidence accumulates suggesting that 9-O-acetylated gangliosides, recognized by a specific monoclonal antibody (Jones monoclonal antibody), are involved in neuronal migration and axonal growth. These molecules are expressed in rodent embryos during the period of axon extension of peripheral nerves and are absent in adulthood. We therefore aimed at verifying(More)
Manioc, Manihot esculenta, is economically important in many tropical and subtropical countries. The genetic variability of the species has not been fully explored, and new information may help expand its use. Molecular markers based on retrotransposons have good potential for analysis of genetic diversity given their abundance in the genome. Eight long(More)
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