A M Kvenseth

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The growth and emigration of Hystherothylacium aduncum in laboratory-reared herring larvae Clupea harengus was studied. Experimental infections of 36-day-old herring larvae resulted in 126 hosts infected with 306 H. aduncum larvae. Regression analyses showed a significant worm emigration from the rectum to the head of the fish, accompanied by an increase in(More)
This note reports on incidental observations of the early development of the third-stage larvae of Hysterothylacium aduncum from gadid fishes. Gravid H. aduncum females were collected from Pollachius virens, Pollachius pollachius. Gadus morhua, and Molva molva in Norwegian waters. The eggs were incubated at 20 per thousand salinity and 5 C. Spontaneous(More)
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