A. M. Kozae

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Computational methods were used to reduce the dimensionality and to find clusters of multivariate data. The variables were the natural radioactivity contents and the texture characteristics of sand samples. The application of discriminate analysis revealed that samples with high negative values of the former score have the highest contamination with black(More)
Most real life situations have uncertain concepts, the search for approximating uncertain concepts and measuring the accuracy of approximation is an important goal for researchers in many of theoretical and application fields. The purpose of this paper is to find topological approximation for uncertain concepts in information systems, and to compute some(More)
In the expanding world the demand of electricity is increasing day by day. The power utilities are making continuous efforts to reduce the gap between supply and demand. The effect of various faults in power system leads to unplanned outages in power system, which makes the situation still worse. Power transformers are the heart of power system. They are(More)
In rough set theory, the lower and upper approximation operators can be constructed via a variety of approaches. Various generalizations of rough approximation operators have been made over the years. This paper presents a framework for the study of rough sets and rough fuzzy sets on two universes of discourse. By means of a binary relation between two(More)
In this paper we introduce two new types of equalities by using simply open sets namely lower equal upper equal and approximation (brie‡y '; and h ) and we also introduce new concept of simply dense,simply codense sets by using simply open sets and we study some of thier properties.And also we obtian the reslut from the general relation we get the partion(More)
Rough set theory is a powerful tool for dealing with uncertainty, granularity, and incompleteness of knowledge in information systems. In this paper we study covering-based rough fuzzy sets in which a fuzzy set can be approximated by the intersection of some elements in a covering of the universe of discourse. Some properties of the covering-based fuzzy(More)