A. M. Hasan Ghasemi

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In this paper, we study the isotropic design of two types of spatial parallel manipulators: a three-degrees-of-freedom manipulator and the Stewart–Gough platform. The isotropic conditions for Jacobian matrices, which relate the input joint velocity and output Cartesian velocity, are determined separately using a pure symbolic method. Thereafter, upon(More)
Fast and thermal neutron fluence rates from a 15 MV X-ray beams of a Siemens Primus Linac were measured using bare and moderated BF3 proportional counter inside the treatment room at different locations. Fluence rate values were converted to dose equivalent rate (DER) utilizing conversion factors of American Association of Physicist in Medicine's (AAPM)(More)
BACKGROUND People usually spent about 90% of their time indoors, which are probably more polluted than outside the buildings. High levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are known as causes of sick building syndrome. The present study was designed to determine the quantitative effects of some plants to improve the quality of the environmental air. (More)
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