A. M. Häkkinen

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We determined whether hepatic fat content and plasma adiponectin concentration regulate VLDL1 production. A multicompartment model was used to simultaneously determine the kinetic parameters of triglycerides (TGs) and apolipoprotein B (ApoB) in VLDL1 and VLDL2 after a bolus of [2H3]leucine and [2H5]glycerol in ten men with type 2 diabetes and in 18(More)
Fat accumulation in the liver has been shown to be closely correlated with hepatic insulin resistance and features of insulin resistance, also independently of body weight. It remains to be established how fat in the liver correlates with that in other depots, and whether any association differs between men and women. Liver fat (assessed using proton(More)
Overproduction of VLDL1 seems to be the central pathophysiological feature of the dyslipidaemia associated with type 2 diabetes. We explored the relationship between liver fat and suppression of VLDL1 production by insulin in participants with a broad range of liver fat content. A multicompartmental model was used to determine the kinetic parameters of(More)
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