A. M. Groenewald

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Owing to the low plasma concentrations of acyclovir obtained during pharmacokinetic studies after low-dosage oral administration, a sensitive, automated HPLC method had to be developed for determining acyclovir in a large number of plasma samples. Extraction and injection of the samples were done automatically by a Gilson ASPEC system using tC18, 100-mg(More)
Diagnostic X-ray imaging depends on the maintenance of image quality that allows for proper diagnosis of medical conditions. Maintenance of image quality requires quality assurance programs on the various X-ray modalities, which consist of pro-jection radiography (including mobile X-ray units), fluoroscopy, mammography, and computed tomography (CT)(More)
The aim of the study was to design and construct an anatomical and radiological phantom of a neonatal chest for investigating image quality and patient entrance surface dose (ESD). The density, elemental composition, scatter, attenuation, and absorption characteristics of different possible substitute materials were compared to that of neonatal tissues for(More)
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