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BACKGROUND The new challenges involved in the chemotherapy of tuberculosis make it necessary to find novel drugs, especially ones that are useful in the latent phase of the disease. METHODS We evaluated the activity of linezolid and fluoroquinolones against logarithmic- and stationary-phase Mycobacterium tuberculosis. RESULTS We observed that linezolid(More)
In the spring of 1993, an epidemic of infection with human parvovirus B19 occurred in Cadiz, Spain. Evaluation of the 43 patients in whom this diagnosis was confirmed revealed four groups of predominant manifestations: (1) hematologic manifestations in six cases (13.9%), including four of aplastic crisis and two of pancytopenia; (2) dermatologic(More)
This study has been conducted to asses the in vitro activity of the novel triazole antifungal agent posaconazole against 123 clinically important isolates of yeasts. Susceptibility was tested using the Sensititre YeastOne microdilution commercial method. Minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs) were determined at the recommended endpoints and time(More)
Fusarium species are increasingly implicated in opportunist human infections, such as sinusitis, pneumonia, endophthalmitis, cutaneous infections, peritonitis, osteomyelitis, cerebral abscesses, endocarditis, cystitis, and disseminated disease, particularly in immunodepressed patients. Although fungi are rarely a cause of peritonitis, Candida albicans being(More)
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