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Synergies of the orthograde posture associated with voluntary movements (deep respiration or fast arm elevation) were studied in 225 patients with local verified brain lesions. Postural adjustments associated with deep respiratory movements were disturbed in patients with lesions of mainly posterior part of the inferior convolution of the frontal lobe.(More)
Marked arteriovenous malformation in the left parietooccipital area manifested only by symptoms of associative migraine involving changes of visual fields indicative of impaired functions of symmetrical compartments of the other brain hemisphere. Visual evoked potentials were changed in this patient because of dysfunction of both hemispheres and largely(More)
Involuntary movements of the pelvis and legs which accompany voluntary arm flexion and correct the orthograde posture start in most trials in normal subjects simultaneously with the voluntary arm movement or later was demonstrated. At the same time bursts of legs and trunk muscles activity anticipate the burst of m.deltoideus activity. In this situation the(More)
  • A M El'ner
  • 1984
In 67 patients with local verified cerebral lesions, the activity of leg and trunk muscles was studied in involuntary movements of the arm in the usual vertical position. Forty-one of them showed some symptoms of primary or secondary dysfunctions of brain structures. On the basis of the present and previous studies, a conclusion was drawn that synergy(More)
Muscular activity of the legs and trunk was studied in 27 patients with verified tumours of the frontal lobes of the brain. It is shown that the abnormalities of the anticipated postural muscle activity are connected with the lesion of the median part of the premotor region. It is concluded that the supplementary motor area is concerned with the control of(More)
The electrical activity of the muscles of the legs and trunk was examined in 84 patients with verified (primarily neoplastic) affections of the brain. The patients were in the standing posture and were asked to make a voluntary movement (to raise an arm). The examinations showed that in patients with one hemisphere affected the posture synergy of the(More)
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