A. M. Donoghue

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DL-methionine. The methionine activity of each methionine source was 45.9, 52, 88, and 98% respectively. Starter and grower diets were formulated to contain 0.5%, and 0.38% methionine activity, respectively (except control group, 0.35% methionine activity). No significant differences were observed in body weights, feed consumption or feed conversion among(More)
Three lines of turkeys were tested for response in T-maze and open-field tests during the first 8 d after hatch, and behavior was observed after catching, moving, and transport. They were also compared for corticosterone (CORT) levels and heterophil:lymphocyte ratios (H:L) at 15 wk of age in response to an Escherichia coli challenge followed by transport(More)
satiety and reduced food intake in humans. These findings suggest that the lower postprandial PYY levels observed in the obese subjects might account for their reduced satiety response. Obese subjects may have a weaker PYY induced satiety signal for an equivalent meal, which could reinforce obesity. Current findings are consistent with PYY being a factor in(More)
BACKGROUND Noise-induced hearing loss has been an intractable problem for heavy industry. AIMS To report our experience in reducing the incidence of age-corrected confirmed 10 dB hearing shifts (averaged over 2, 3 and 4 kHz) in employees in the primary aluminium industry in Australia over the period 2006-13. METHODS We analysed annual audiometric data(More)
Eggshells are significant part of hatchery waste which consist of calcium carbonate crust, membranes, and proteins and peptides of embryonic origins along with other entrapped contaminants including microbes. We hypothesized that using this product as a nutritional additive in poultry diet may confer better immunity to the chickens in the paradigm of(More)
Chickens provided with outdoor access often do not fully use the range area. Natural cover, such as trees, can provide shelter and increase range use, but may not be practical for use in all free-range operations. A study was conducted to determine whether constructed enrichments that simulate natural structures increase range use and impact behavior of(More)
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