A M Demerdash

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The aim of this investigation was to study the epidemiologic and genetic aspects of mental subnormality (MS) in Assiut Governorate, representing the Egyptian population. The sample comprised 3000 randomly selected subjects from three localities: one urban (Assiut City) and two adjacent rural villages. Age-matched controls were chosen for comparison. The(More)
Undesirable recent life events in the period of three months preceding primary depressive illness were studied in two Arabian Gulf countries: Qatar (235 patients) and Kuwait (164 patients). Transit population patients, who come to these countries from employment, differ from native patients in the significant predominance of work as a source of recent life(More)
A sample of 700 female epileptic outpatients was examined between 1985 and 1987. The incidence of psychosexual disorders was 18%. Epileptic females with psychosexual disorders were compared with epileptic females without sexual disorders and with normal female controls on selected clinical and EEG parameters. Epileptic females with sexual disorders showed:(More)
Seventy Kuwait alcohol and drug-dependent inpatients at Kuwait Psychiatric Hospital were compared with a matched group of 40 abstinent inpatients on a surgical ward in a general hospital in order to find out the drugs abused, pattern of consumption, the effect of prohibition and sanctions, motives, personality type, social complications, religious attitudes(More)
Sixty-eight Arab patients suffering from psychogenic sexual inadequacy were compared with 54 non-psychiatric patients. The patients showed a greater preponderance of negative feelings towards their fathers and the opposite towards their mothers. Parental loss and disharmony were not significant contributory factors. More control subjects slept alone between(More)
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