A M Delahunty

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A study of frontal/executive impairments in schizophrenia is reported. Schizophrenia patients and controls were not significantly different with respect to age, sex, and premorbid IQ. The schizophrenia group demonstrated significant impairments in cognitive flexibility and forward planning, replicating results from a 1990 study by Morice. Impairment(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure the incidence of childhood fractures in a defined population. SETTING Accident and emergency (A&E) departments covering the Swansea and Neath Port Talbot areas of South Wales in 1996. METHODS Linkage of data from A&E departments with population data to produce fracture incidence rates by anatomical site and cause in children aged(More)
Evoked potentials were recorded at four scalp sites O1, O2, T5, T6; before and after the consumption of one of two alcohol dose levels, to the occurrence of disparate stimuli in dynamic random dot stereograms. Twenty young adult subjects, all of whom had vision which was normal or corrected to normal, were randomly assigned to the two dosage groups.(More)
AIMS To compare fracture rates in European districts. SETTING Geographically defined areas of Wales (Swansea and Neath Port Talbot), Norway (Harstad, Trondheim, Stavanger, and Drammen), Sweden (Jamtlands), and Finland (Porvoo). METHODS Surveillance of fractures at emergency departments and hospitals and linkage with population data. Comparison of age(More)
A Cognitive Shift neurocognitive training module was developed in the attempt to ameliorate cognitive flexibility deficits in chronic schizophrenic patients. A procedural training approach hypothesized the exercise of specific neural network processes, identified from theories of frontal and prefrontal lobe functioning. Three male patients who underwent the(More)
OBJECTIVE A relatively high prevalence of deficits in cognitive flexibility, working memory and planning ability has been reported in schizophrenia patients. The objective was to develop a rehabilitation training program in an attempt to improve these specific cognitive functions. METHODS The deficits in cognitive flexibility, working memory and planning(More)
Contradictory evidence has been presented in the literature on the existence of a right-hemisphere mechanism subserving global stereopsis. In the present study evoked responses to dynamic random-dot stereograms were recorded from International 10-20 scalp sites O2, P4, T6, T4 and homotopic sites over the left hemisphere. Stroke patients with unilateral(More)
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