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Elderly is particularly at risk of malnutrition: he is not able to feed himself adequately, it is then important to attain correct intakes using also artificial enteral nutritional techniques (nasogastric tube, gastrostomy, etc.). These techniques may lead to complications (ab ingestis pneumonia, metabolic complications, alvus disorders): the use of(More)
OBJECTIVE Aim of the study was to evaluate tumour necrosis factor α (TNF-α) axis and oxidative status in patients with anorexia nervosa (AN) seeking a possible correlation with both nutritional status and evolution of the disease. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Thirty-nine consecutive women with AN and an age-matched healthy control group were studied. Patients(More)
Constipation represents a common social phenomenon today, correlated with the habits of diet and life. Many studies have shown the lack of alimentary fiber as a cause of constipation. In analyzing the different types, the characteristics, the physical and metabolical action of fiber, it has been shown that it is necessary to introduce fiber into the(More)
A whey protein diet has been shown to enhance splenic immune response to sheep red blood cells (SBRC) in mice. This study was designed to investigate the influence of the type of dietary protein on the biliary secretory IgA. A/J mice were fed defined formula diets containing either 20% whey protein, or 20% casein. Another group was fed Purina mouse chow.(More)
The recognition of potentially noxious physiological substances in the intestinal milieu, prompted the use of an "elemental" semi-hydrolysed formula diet in the prophylaxis of experimental acute ischemic enteropathy. An elemental diet protects the intestinal mucosa of rodents from radiation injury and facilitates mucosal healing. Clinical trials have shown(More)
Crohn's disease involves a great risk of malnutrition. Malabsorption, bacterial contamination, frequent abdominal surgery, meal-related pain, protein loss through the damaged mucosa contribute to creating nutritional problems. Malnutrition can worsen the outcome, both in medical and surgical patients, and deteriorate an often already altered immune(More)
The influence of coffee on plasma lipids has been largely investigated during the last twenty years, but still many doubts remain about this subject. For this reason the influence of the assumption of coffee on plasma lipids, in healthy people, during six weeks has been studied. The coffee was prepared with an Italian coffee-machine (moka). No relationship(More)