A. M. C.-L. Ho

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We demonstrate here that covalent dimerization of 5-HT 1 ligands is an effective design strategy to modulate affinity and selectivity of 5-HT 1 ligands. This approach was applied to LY-334370, a selective agonist of 5-HT 1F receptor, to generate structurally well-defined divalent molecules. Radioligand binding assays to three cloned 5-HT 1 receptor subtypes(More)
Most published epidemiology studies of long-term air pollution health effects have relied on central site monitoring to investigate regional-scale differences in exposure. Few cohort studies have had sufficient data to characterize localized variations in pollution, despite the fact that large gradients can exist over small spatial scales. Similarly,(More)
BACKGROUND Some catheter-related bloodstream infections originate from catheter connectors; therefore, improved antisepsis of these might be expected to reduce the incidence of such infections. METHODS In this observational before/after study at a pediatric tertiary referral hospital, inpatients up to 16 years old undergoing hemopoietic stem cell(More)
Acamprosate has been widely used since the Food and Drug Administration approved the medication for treatment of alcohol use disorders (AUDs) in 2004. Although the detailed molecular mechanism of acamprosate remains unclear, it has been largely known that acamprosate inhibits glutamate action in the brain. However, AUD is a complex and heterogeneous(More)
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