A M Brogueira

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Large amounts of solid wastes (tailings) resulting from the exploitation and treatment of uranium ore at the Urgeiriça mine (north of Portugal) have been accumulated in dams (tailing ponds). To reduce the dispersion of natural radionuclides into the environment, some dams were revegetated with eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globolus) and pines (Pinus pinea).(More)
We have quantified the caesium-137 in surface waters and sediments in both the Portuguese and the Spanish sections of the Tagus River over six years. This river has its source in Spain, and of its 1100 km length about 230 km are in Portugal, 43 km serving as a natural frontier between the two countries. In the two regions under study the water flow is(More)
This work is the result of a collaboration between Spanish and Portuguese laboratories. The specific objective was to quantify the time evolution during 1994, 1995 and 1996 of the radioecological impact of the liquid releases of 3H from the Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant (ANPP) in the section of the Tagus River corresponding to Cáceres province in Spain and(More)
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