A M Biraima

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Fingertip injuries often result in fingernail defects. Reconstruction of this structure is important for adequate functional and aesthetic results. This study evaluates the eponychial flap reconstruction technique in 45 fingertip amputations with loss of more than half the fingernail. In 33 cases the procedure was performed in combination with a palmar(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment of fracture dislocations of the PIP joint represents a hand surgical challenge. In hemi-hamate arthroplasty, the palmar joint surface is reconstructed using an osteochondral graft from the hamate and the immediate stability permits early movement. MATERIAL AND METHODS We performed hemi-hamate reconstructions in 10 patients (mean age(More)
Reconstruction of fingertip amputations, especially if they involve more than half of the fingernail require the surgeon to determine whether the fingernail should be removed. However, aside from aesthetic aspects the fingernail has functional purposes - stabilisation of the pulp and enhancement of sensibility - and should therefore be preserved. Since(More)
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