A. M. Batista

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In recent decades many articles have discussed the possibilities of chaos applied in communications. However, the vast majority consider in practical terms the ideal channel condition, which is clearly a restringing condition. Some papers show that when there is an additive noise, the synchronization error often disrupts communication. In this work, we(More)
Optoporation, the permeabilization of a cell membrane by laser pulses, has emerged as a powerful non-invasive and highly efficient technique to induce transfection of cells. However, the usual tedious manual targeting of individual cells significantly limits the addressable cell number. To overcome this limitation, we present an experimental setup with(More)
  • Enrique Salvador Rivera, Daryle Williams, David Sartorius, Brandon, Erika Cody, Hayley Georgie +18 others
  • 2013
On May 10, 1795, a slave revolt broke out in Coro, a coastal region located in the Province of Caracas in the captaincy-­‐general of Venezuela. The three-­‐day revolt, that involved at least four hundred enslaved and free people of African descent, resulted in the destruction of several plantations and scores of deaths. Inspired in part by the French and(More)
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