A. M. Artem’eva

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The use of LOD score analysis developed on the basis of the maximum likelihood method for establishing genetic linkage between loci determining the manifestation of quantitative traits and molecular markers in plant genetics is examined. Experimental data on the use of this approach for revealing LOD values in higher plants for the example of mapping(More)
The search of associative relations between 258 SSR and S-SAP molecular markers and chromosomal loci determining morphological and physiological-biochemical traits of the accessions from the core collection of genetic resources of Brassica rapa L. has been carried out. The revealed SSR and S-SAP molecular markers can serve as an efficient genetic and(More)
Full-length BrCSDP2 and BrCSDP4 cold-shock gene sequences of Brassica rapa have been obtained. The isolated genes were shown to belong to a group AtCSP2/AtCSP4 of Arabidopsis thaliana and TsCSDP2/TsCSDP4 of Thellungiella salsuginea genes that encode proteins with a cold-shock domain and two zinc finger motifs. The structure and the allelic variants of these(More)
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