A. M. Al-Qasimi

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We show, by an example, that the knowledge of the degree of coherence and of the degree of polarization of a light beam incident on two photo detectors is not adequate to predict correlations in the fluctuations of the currents generated in the detectors (the Hanbury Brown-Twiss effect). The knowledge of the so-called degree of cross-polarization,(More)
We study the dynamics of entanglement in continuous variable quantum systems. Specifically, we study the phenomena of entanglement sudden death (ESD) in general two-mode-N-photon states undergoing pure dephasing. We show that for these circumstances, ESD never occurs. These states are generalizations of the so-called high NOON states (i.e., a superposition(More)
Owing to the importance of the binomial distribution, tables for its probability mass function (PMF) and its cumulative distribution function (CDF) have been extensively published. This paper presents a tutorial on a novel technique for constructing and recording these tables. The tables are to be compiled with a high precision and a minimal round-off error(More)
We study the properties of Quasi-Homogeneous Isotropic Electromagnetic (QuHIEM) Sources, a model for partially-coherent secondary light sources beyond the scalar and paraxial approximations. Our results include polarization properties in the far zone and the realizability condition. We demonstrate these results for sources with a degree of coherence(More)
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