A. M. Abd-Elfattah

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The antinociceptive effects of Nigella sativa oil and its major component, thymoquinone, were examined in mice. The p.o. administration of N. sativa oil (50-400 mg/kg) dose-dependently suppressed the nociceptive response in the hot-plate test, tail-pinch test, acetic acid-induced writhing test and in the early phase of the formalin test. The systemic(More)
Keywords: Ratio-type estimator Simple random sampling Auxiliary attribute Efficiency a b s t r a c t This paper proposes some estimators for the population mean by adapting the estimator in Singh et al. (2008) [5] to the ratio estimators presented in Kadilar and Cingi 2006 [2]. We obtain mean square error (MSE) equation for all proposed estimators, and show(More)
Ductile cast iron round bars were prepared using alloys with carbon equivalent percentage (C.E) ranging between 4.50 % and 4.76 %. Different measurements were carried out on as – cast and heat-treated specimens. Ductile cast iron is essentially a family of materials with a wide verity of properties which are satisfactory for different engineering(More)
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