A. Májský

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In 62 patients with testicular germinative tumours and 301 healthy unrelated subjects, 23 HLA antigens of A and B loci were tested. In the group of 40 seminomas the incidence of HLA-Bw35 antigen and in 22 patients with non-seminomas (embryonal carcinomas, teratocarcinoma and mixed forms) the frequency of HLA-A 10 antigen were significantly higher (27.50 vs.(More)
In a sample of 100 individuals from the Prague population antigenic specificities of granulocytes were determined on the basis of agglutination activity by means of standard typing sera (Bethesda, MD). The specificities NA1, NA2, NB1 were detected in 59, 87, and 90 percent with gene frequency of 0.360, 0.640, and 0.684, respectively. One serum from a(More)
We determined 27 histocompatibility antigens of A, B, and C locus with a standard lymphocyte cytotoxicity test in 125 patients suffering from primary affective disorders, 77 of bipolar type, 24 of unipolar type, and 24 with schizo-affective psychosis. Comparison with a normal control group showed significant increases in the frequencies of antigens Bw40 and(More)
The authors examined 29 patients with endogenous psychosis (incl. 25 suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and four suffering from bipolar psychosis diagnosed according to DSM III criteria) with the aim to reveal the relationship of hitherto little studied HLA-DR antigens and the psychotic disease. Moreover, the passesed in the group also the ration of(More)