A Májský

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In 62 patients with testicular germinative tumours and 301 healthy unrelated subjects, 23 HLA antigens of A and B loci were tested. In the group of 40 seminomas the incidence of HLA-Bw35 antigen and in 22 patients with non-seminomas (embryonal carcinomas, teratocarcinoma and mixed forms) the frequency of HLA-A 10 antigen were significantly higher (27.50 vs.(More)
The effect of antibiotics on lymphocyte HL-A antigens in vitro is of variable character. All antibiotics under examination suppressed the absorption capacity of HL-A antigens after 2 hr of lymphocyte treatment at 37 degrees C. Ceporin and Kanamytrex inhibited even the cytotoxic reactivity of Hl-A antigens after 15-30 min of lymphocyte treatment.(More)
Effects of antibiotics and chemotherapeutics on the interaction between the HL-A antigens and the corresponding lymphocytotoxic sera vary from case to case. Streptomycin, oleandomycin, cephaloridine and kanamycin completely inhibit the cytotoxic reaction when added in the first or second stage of the test. Cytembena weakens the reaction while(More)
In a sample of 100 individuals from the Prague population antigenic specificities of granulocytes were determined on the basis of agglutination activity by means of standard typing sera (Bethesda, MD). The specificities NA1, NA2, NB1 were detected in 59, 87, and 90 percent with gene frequency of 0.360, 0.640, and 0.684, respectively. One serum from a(More)