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A method of estimating distances between pairs of genetic markers is described that directly uses their observed joint frequency distribution in a panel of radiation hybrids (RHs). The distance measure is based on the strength of association between marker pairs, which is high for close markers and decays with distance. These distances are then submitted to(More)
A general method of assessing the significance of scored best local alignments, particularly suited to protein sequence comparisons, is described. The method establishes the parameters describing the distribution of the best results from any search program, provided that the set is sufficiently large and the majority of the alignments arise from unrelated(More)
BACKGROUND Neo-adjuvant chemotherapy is an integral part of multi-modality approach in the management of locally advanced breast cancer and it is vital to predict the response in order to tailor the regime for a patient. The common final pathway in the tumor cell death is believed to be apoptosis or programmed cell death and chemotherapeutic drugs like(More)
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