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The recent advances in imaging technology make popular using images in different branches of human activity. In the paper, a reconfigurable computing architecture based on the homogeneous computing structure concept with possibility of hardware modification in response to changes in processing environment and tuning on implementation of image filtering and(More)
The authors of the present article were the first to work out theoretical foundations and methods of physiological diagnosis of neurocirculatory dystonia. Criteria of tension of myocardial functional structures and central regulatory mechanisms have been identified both in healthy subjects and cardiological patients. It has been ascertained that degree and(More)
The paper describes the application of a pulsating information arrays (Pulsyr) for parallel calculation of matrix operations. The matrix operations form the base of many branches of scientific investigations and belong to computationally cost calculations. The Pulsyr architecture suits well image and video processing and pattern recognition problems, but(More)
  • A V Lutsyk
  • 1982
The electron microscopy revealed morphological structures of the central spinal channel's wall capable of mediating physiological responses to administration of physiologically active substances in the CSF. The supraependymal dendrite terminals, the inter- and subependymal dendrites as well as chemoreceptors of subsynaptic membranes of the neuropil's(More)
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