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Intelligent Agents are being used for modelling simple rational behaviours in a wide range of distributed applications. In particular, multi-agent architectures based on the Belief-Desire-Intention model have been used successfully in situations where modelling of human reasoning and team behaviour are needed, such as simulating tactical decision-making in(More)
Air combat modelling using graphical simulation is a powerful means for development and evaluation of tactics. However, large models are particularly expensive and time-consuming to maintain and modify. Multi-aircraft full mission man-in-the-loop simulators will provide an even more complex programming environment. Agent-oriented architecture provides a(More)
This paper describes research into automated support for air traac controllers performing tactical air traac management. It describes the OASIS system developed to help alleviate air traac congestion. The system achieves this by maximizing runway utilization, achieved through arranging landing aircraft into an optimal order, assigning them a landing time,(More)
Idiosyncratic adverse drug reactions are unpredictable, dose-independent and potentially life threatening; this makes them a major factor contributing to the cost and uncertainty of drug development. Clinical data suggest that many such reactions involve immune mechanisms, and genetic association studies have identified strong linkages between drug(More)
[57] ABSTRACT Systems and processes for interactive off-track wagering are provided. A user reviews racing information and places bets using an off-track terminal. The user interactively selects a desired racetrack and race. Odds, pools, and payoff amounts may be viewed for a variety of complex wager types. To place a wager, the user selects a wager type,(More)
We reported previously that a proportion of natural CD25(+) cells isolated from the PBMC of HCV patients can further upregulate CD25 expression in response to HCV peptide stimulation in vitro, and proposed that virus-specific regulatory T cells (Treg) were primed and expanded during the disease. Here we describe epigenetic analysis of the FOXP3 locus in(More)
The introduction of highly active antiretroviral therapy (also known as combination therapy) has transformed the nature of HIV infection from a severe and ultimately fatal disease to that of a manageable chronic condition. HIV drugs are highly efficacious, but their use comes at the cost of a range of drug-related adverse events, including severe drug(More)
The Simulation Agent Infrastructure (SAI) is aimed at enhancing the war-gaming capability offered by the existing ground simulation environments with intelligent agent-based behavioural modelling, so as to simplify and speed up the simulation scenario development process. SAI is built using JACK Intelligent Agents™, which is a Java-based multi-agent(More)