A Lopez-Martens

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The odd-Z isotope 255 Lr and its daughter 251 Md and granddaughter 247 Es were studied in two experiments performed at GANIL and the University of Jyväskylä. The 255 Lr nuclei were produced using the cold fusion-evaporation reaction 209 Bi(48 Ca,2n) 255 Lr at a bombarding energy of 217 MeV. The single-particle structure and decay properties were(More)
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The rotational band structure of the Z=104 nucleus (256)Rf has been observed up to a tentative spin of 20ℏ using state-of-the-art γ-ray spectroscopic techniques. This represents the first such measurement in a superheavy nucleus whose stability is entirely derived from the shell-correction energy. The observed rotational properties are compared to those of(More)
  • N L Achouri, F De, Oliveira Santos, M Lewitowicz, B Blank, J Äystö +75 others
  • 2011
First results of the Instrumentation Line for the deep-sea ANTARES neutrino telescope Quantification of ion-induced molecular fragmentation of isolated 2-deoxy-D-ribose molecules 16 O from γ-ray angular distributions witha 4π-detector array Charge exchange emission from solar wind helium ions Astrophys.
Modern coaxial and planar HPGe detectors allow a precise determination of the energies and trajectories of the impinging gamma-rays. This entails the location of the gamma interactions inside the crystal from the shape of the delivered signals. This paper reviews the state of the art of the analysis of the HPGe response function and proposes methods that(More)
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