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Progressive ponto-bulbar palsy with deafness is a rare disease. It seems to be an abiotrophic process with autosomal recessive inheritance in most instances. Only one autopsy case had been briefly described (Lelong et al., 1941). The clinical features and the pathological findings of a new case are reported. The structures primarily involved are the grey(More)
Among the hereditary affections of the nervous system associated with deafness, a rare condition called "progressive pontobulbar palsy with deafness" has been described. In this slowly progressive condition, hearing loss and vestibular are-flexia are almost always the first symptoms, occurring in late childhood or early adulthood. Only 18 cases-some(More)
Three new cases of chronic vitamin A intoxication are reported and a review of the literature with special reference to chronic intoxication in adolescents and adults is presented. The most prominent features are intracranial hypertension, skin and hair deviations, pain in the musculoskeletal system, and fatigue. Intracranial hypertension occurs in 50% of(More)
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