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Nonepileptic attack disorder (NEAD) is a highly distressing and costly condition commonly seen in specialist epilepsy clinics. Consistently effective treatments for NEAD remain elusive, and findings from research indicate that there is no one form of psychological therapy that will be effective in such a heterogeneous group of patients. In this paper, we(More)
By describing some of the changes to BNF-type syntax specifications that improv e the interface to the program-editor, PED [1], this paper suggests ways of improving th e presentation of language definitions to programmers . PED is a screen-based program editor that can be used on any language for which it has a syntax specification . At present it has(More)
sisted of two parts: six keynote speakers and a 2-hour workshop respectively. The speakers discussed topics relating to well-being under titles such as ‘How to convince a medical student to seek help’, as well as personal anecdotes aimed at normalising experiences of stress and distress. The workshop was moderated by the Medical Director of the Victorian(More)
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