A. Linke-Hommes

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Application of the Gouy-Chapman-Debye-Hückel (GCDH) theory to a model membrane in contact with electrolytes of various concentrations and composition predict density variations within an interfacial layer. Assuming that on cellular dimensions hydrodynamics can be applied (the objections are briefly discussed) two types of gravity effects can be defined, 1.(More)
The development of embryonic and larval stages of the South African Toad Xenopus laevis D, was investigated in hyper-g up to 5 g (centrifuge), in simulated 0 g (fast-rotating clinostat), in alternating low g, hyper-g (parabolic flights) and in microgravity (Spacelab missions D1, D-2). The selected developmental stages are assumed to be very sensitive to(More)
Theoretical investigations of the membrane-solution interface predict different effects of gravity on vertically and horizontally oriented planar membranes. Single channel events of gramicidin incorporated into phosphatidylserine planar bilayer membranes were measured in 0.1 M KCl solution, pH 7, at room temperature. The potential difference across the(More)
The theory of concentration and potential variations at interfaces is applied to the membrane-solution interface to calculate density variations. The theory is modified to take care of the finite ion volumes in electrolytes. Our model is a phospholipid membrane with a surface charge density of -4.824*10(-6)(As/cm2) in contact with solutions of KCl, NaCl,(More)
Aboard the German-Spacelab-Mission D-2 the project "Gravity Perception and Neuronal Plasticity (STATEX II)" was performed. STATEX is for STATolith EXperiment. Objects were growing tadpoles of the South African Toad (Xenopus laevis D.) and a juvenile cichlid fish (Oreochromis mossambicus). The results give a broader base for the understanding of how(More)
Theoretical investigations involving the membrane-solution interface have revealed that the density of the solution varies appreciably within interfacial layers adjacent to charged membrane surfaces. The hypothesis that gravity interacts with this configuration and modifies transport rates across horizontal and vertical membranes differently was supported(More)
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