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OBJECTIVES:Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) has been found to be associated with low-grade immune activation in a subset of patients. We therefore investigated blood and colonic T-cell activity in IBS patients.METHODS:Blood samples were initially obtained from 74 IBS patients and 30 controls. Supplementary blood samples, to confirm data, were taken from(More)
Siblings who are asked to donate haematopoietic stem cells are in a vulnerable position. Potential sibling donors must be fully informed, orally and in writing, and be able to provide informed consent without pressure or coercion. To achieve this, one must focus on the management of confidentiality in terms of donor volunteer status and strive to protect(More)
OBJECTIVES The understanding of the mechanisms for increased immune activation in subgroups of patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is incomplete. We hypothesized that monocytes are more activated in patients with IBS than in the healthy population. We therefore examined activation phenotype and cytokine secretion of blood monocytes. METHODS Blood(More)
Summary:A 54-year-old RhD-negative male with del(20q)-positive myelodysplastic syndrome was transplanted with bone marrow from an HLA-identical RhD-positive sibling donor. Cytogenetic relapse was detected 21 months after stem cell transplantation (SCT), with reappearance of the original del(20q)-positive clone and reversion to recipient RhD-negative blood(More)
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