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This paper presents a microelectromagnetic power generator with integrated magnets that can be fabricated on silicon wafers in a batch process. The generator is fabricated by MEMS technologies and characterized at different vibration frequencies, amplitudes and load resistances. This compact generator occupies a volume of(More)
This paper presents a novel array of four film bulk acoustic resonators (FBAR) having four distinct fundamental resonant frequencies that offers parallel and/or combinatory mass sensing of multiple chembio species, such as various proteins. To achieve the multiple resonant frequencies, we connect multiple FBARs (having slightly different resonant(More)
Fan-out wafer-level-packaging (FO-WLP) technology is developed with the advantages of smaller package size, higher Input/Output (I/O) counts, lower cost, and better performance. In this study, the FO-WLP technology is applied to TSV-less inter-connection technology of 2.5D IC packaging and a novel RDL-first wafer level packaging is demonstrated. Firstly, a(More)
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