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No part of this thesis has been submitted elsewhere for any other degree or qualification and it all my own work unless referenced to the contrary in the text. Abstract Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is an essential component in many Human-Computer Interaction systems. A variety of applications in the field of ASR have reached high performance levels(More)
The undersigned hereby certify that they have read and recommend to the Faculty of Undergraduate Studies for acceptance a thesis entitled " Error prediction for speech recognition using acoustic and linguistic cues " Permission is herewith granted to Technical University of Crete to circulate and to have copied for non-commercial purposes, at its(More)
Since the invention of Information Theory by Shannon in 1948, coding theorists have been working on finding ways to achieve capacity. Recently, two capacity approaching code classes have emerged, namely LDPC and Turbo codes. In this thesis, we focus on LDPC codes. More precisely, we analyse encoding, decoding , design and construction of LDPC codes. The(More)
The combined OFDM/SDMA approach has raised significant research interests recently as it appears to be quite suitable for future broadband wireless transmission. In order to build practical OFDM/SDMA systems, we need to evaluate such systems under real-world conditions. The presence of carrier frequency offsets, caused by inaccuracies of local oscillators(More)
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