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The existing telemetry archiving system stores data in flat files using APL's internal data format. Data in this format are non-decommutated data. Every time the data is accessed by the user, it has to be decommutated using other tools, which requires a considerable amount of time and resources. The data results from the decommutating process are stored in(More)
Mission operations personnel require decommutation, plotting, and statistical software to perform ad-hoc data analysis on archived telemetry data to ensure mission integrity and normality. Therefore, our goal is to provide software solutions to assist in telemetry accessibility. In this paper, we describe our continuing efforts to improve telemetry data(More)
Image fusion is a process of combining relevant information from input images. Several image fusion techniques are available and are used according to the application. Now-a-days advanced sensors are used for image acquisition. However these sensors usually cannot capture whole information. Hence images from different sensors are combined together to(More)
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  • 2007
This document specifies a payload format for generic Forward Error Correction (FEC) for media data encapsulated in RTP. It is based on the exclusive-or (parity) operation. The payload format described in this document allows end systems to apply protection using various protection lengths and levels, in addition to using various protection group sizes to(More)
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