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Effective annual influenza vaccination requires frequent changes in vaccine composition due to both antigenic shift for different subtype hemagglutinins (HAs) and antigenic drift in a particular HA. Here we present a broadly neutralizing human monoclonal antibody with an unusual binding modality. The antibody, designated CT149, was isolated from(More)
derson, " Sensor and network topologies of formations with direction, bearing and angle information between agents, " in Proc. 42nd IEEE Formal theory of noisy sensor network localization, " SIAM J. Fundamental properties and performance of conventional bearings-only target motion analysis , " IEEE Trans. Bearing-only localization using geometrically(More)
Humic acid were used as model compound. Four oxidation scenarios (ozone/monochloramine, monochloramine, chlorine/monochloramine, chlorine) were conducted to evaluate the disinfection byproducts formation. The disinfection byproducts formation potential (DBPFP) were detected to compare the types of disinfection byproducts formed from different scenarios.(More)
This paper studies the frequency resolution of two existing spectral estimators, where one is a generalization of the minimum variance spectral estimators (GMVSE) and the other is Pisarenko's non-linear spectral estimators (PNLSE). By this study, we show the uncovered relationship between the non-linear parameter and the frequency resolution for both the(More)
Nanosized ZnO catalysts prepared by the precipitation method were used for the degradation of dichloroacetic acid (DCAA) in acidic solution by ozone. Catalyst samples were characterized by measuring the specific area (BET) and X-ray diffraction (XRD). The results showed that the presence of ZnO catalyst obviously improved the degradation efficiency of DCAA(More)
A low power levitating motor based on a male and female permanent magnetic levitation support is presented. The motor utilizes only 30.48±0.785 mW of power, spins at a top speed of 618 rpms, and has a top efficiency of 0.4. The motor has a maximum output torque of 0.73 N · mm. The motor is speed limited by fabrication imperfections. However,(More)