A. Levin

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  • A. Levin
  • 2003
We study the necessary and sufficient conditions for the generation of polynomials by stationary subdivision schemes, and we show how to derive appropriate quasi-interpolation rules that have the optimal approximation order. We show that these conditions hold in the context of non-uniform subdivision as well, and we demonstrate how they can be used for the(More)
*As counted by MS Word 'word count' command. This includes all of the body of the report but none of the other appendices. Abstract As organisations increasingly rely on geographically dispersed workforces there is an emerging need to collaborate on projects that span distributed teams and different time frames. This includes a need for collaboration in the(More)
Sumary: Management simulation games are a frequently used educational instrument for the illustrative application of theoretical specialized knowledge in typical operational decisive situations. However, in classic parameter oriented games appear characteristic decisive mistakes which are founded in the missing know-how of the learners for complexity(More)
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