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This paper reports work carried out in the context of the ACTS AVANTI AC042 project, addressing the issue of providing accessibility and high quality interaction in Web-based multimedia applications and services, to people with disabilities. The work presented concerns the design and development of a user interface component, which employs adaptability and(More)
Experience with the use of the drug albendazole in the management of cerebral hydatid disease is limited. We report a 33-year-old woman who was harboring multiple cerebral hydatid cysts and who was treated successfully with albendazole. No other treatment was used. The efficacy and the few reversible side effects of the drug are discussed, and the(More)
The SOFLOPO project has dealt with the software-related energy-optimization for embedded applications. Based upon the fact that software has a conceivable impact upon the total energy dissipation, we tried to minimize this impact, using assembly-level code transformations. The instruction costs were obtained through the tried-and-tested methodology of(More)
This paper presents a multiprocessor control system for standby power supply applications. The system is responsible to initiate a standby generator in order to provide power supply to a target load in case of mains supply failure. Typical applications are standby generators at bank offices, hospital buildings, airport premises and mobile telephony base(More)
Structural health monitoring is a critical part of the maintenance procedures of an aircraft. Most of the problems that arise from structural elements are detected by trained personnel using visual inspection. Moreover, the places at which these structural elements are located are frequently very difficult to access. This makes inspections time consuming(More)
The pattern of glucose CSF concentration after induced hyperglycaemia was studied in 14 patients suffering from acute meningitis and 10 having meningism, as judged by normal CSF. Four out of the first group of patients had symptoms and signs likely to be due to cerebrospinal canal obstruction after the acute phase of the disease was over. When the patterns(More)
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