A. Leventis

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This paper reports work carried out in the context of the ACTS AVANTI AC042 project, addressing the issue of providing accessibility and high quality interaction in Web-based multimedia applications and services, to people with disabilities. The work presented concerns the design and development of a user interface component, which employs adaptability and(More)
The SOFLOPO project has dealt with the software-related energy-optimization for embedded applications. Based upon the fact that software has a conceivable impact upon the total energy dissipation, we tried to minimize this impact, using assembly-level code transformations. The instruction costs were obtained through the tried-and-tested methodology of(More)
This paper presents a multiprocessor control system for standby power supply applications. The system is responsible to initiate a standby generator in order to provide power supply to a target load in case of mains supply failure. Typical applications are standby generators at bank offices, hospital buildings, airport premises and mobile telephony base(More)
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