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The influence of extremely low frequency magnetic fields (ELF-MFs) on human physiological processes and, in particular, on motor activity is still not established with certainty. Using the wavelet-transform approach, changes in the characteristics of human finger micromovement are studied in the presence of a low intensity MF centred at the level of the(More)
PURPOSE The toxicologic profile of iobitridol, a new nonionic low-osomolality contrast medium, was evaluated in compliance with the current regulatory requirements in Europe, the USA and Canada. MATERIAL AND METHODS The toxicity of iobitridol was tested following acute or repeated i.v. administration in several different species (mouse, rat, dog); single(More)
We studied thrombocytopenia during acute Plasmodium falciparum malaria in 64 traveller children from Paris (France), 85 children from Dakar (Senegal) with an intermittent exposure (69 with severe attack or cerebral malaria), and 81 children from Libreville (Gabon) with a perennial exposure (43 with severe attack or cerebral malaria). Initial(More)
Accelerometric activity during rest and posture was quantified in the upper dominant limb of 14 patients with primary or secondary dystonia and five healthy control subjects. Data were recorded before and after bilateral implantation of the stimulating electrodes in the Globus Pallidus internus. Clinical evaluation was based on the Burke-Marsden-Fahn's(More)
INTRODUCTION Quantification of motor functions of patients with dystonic syndromes treated by chronic high frequency stimulation of the internal globulus pallidus is a challenge. OBJECTIVE Through a series of clinical examples this paper shows that kinematic analysis of movements in dystonic syndromes treated by deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a(More)
In the treatment of thyroid carcinoma, there is still some discussion about the best operation for a solitary and well encapsulated nodule. 18 years ago, it was decided to treat every case of "cold" thyroid nodule by total lobectomy and isthmectomy. 56 patients were reevaluated 5 to 18 years after such limited operation for malignant nodules. 8 of them died(More)