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Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) form a common group of neurodevelopmental disorders appearing to be under polygenic control, but also strongly influenced by multiple environmental factors. The brain mechanisms responsible for ASD are not understood and animal models paralleling related emotional and cognitive impairments may prove helpful in unraveling(More)
Five experiments were conducted with Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens) to investigate how choices in a T-maze were affected by parameters of a social reward (aggression display to another male): presence or absence, amount, delay and distance traveled. Bettas showed a preference for the side associated with the presence of another male rather than the(More)
The relation between mortality of young fish and recruitment is important for assessment of the environmental effects of facilities that kill large numbers of young fish, such as electric power stations and hydropower plants. A simulation model with a bioenergetic growth component was applied to examine the relation between mortality of young and(More)
An association between acidification of lakes and high mercury concentrations in fishes has been reported. In northern Wisconsin (USA), for example, walleye (Stizostedion vitreum) in naturally acidic lakes have higher mercury concentrations than walleye in circumneutral lakes (Weiner, 1983). In this study a bioenergetic based model for mercury uptake is(More)
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