A. Lechner

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A comprehensive testability study on a commercial automatic gain control circuit is presented which aims to identify design for testability (DfT) modifications to both reduce production test cost and improve test quality. A fault simulation strategy based on layout extracted faults has been used to support the study. The paper proposes a number of DfT(More)
Eny2, the mammalian ortholog of yeast Sus1 and drosophila E(y)2, is a nuclear factor that participates in several steps of gene transcription and in mRNA export. We had previously found that Eny2 expression changes in mouse pancreatic islets during the metabolic adaptation to pregnancy. We therefore hypothesized that the protein contributes to the(More)
It is now widely recognised that Built-In Self-Test (BIST) techniques and Design-for-Testability (DfT) will be mandatory to meet test and quality specifications in next generation mixed signal ICs [1]. For evaluating, verifying, and comparing testability improvements, a more detailed understanding of circuit specific failure modes is essential. This paper(More)
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