A. Le Gall

K. H. Baines1
B. Buratti1
R. N. Clark1
1K. H. Baines
1B. Buratti
1R. N. Clark
1J. M. Soderblom
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The extended Hopfield neural network proposed by Abe et al. for solving combinatorial optimization problems with equality and/or inequality constraints has the drawback of being frequently stabilized in states with neurons of ambiguous classification as active or inactive. We introduce in the model a competitive activation mechanism and we derive a new(More)
We give a generalization of a neural network model originally developed to solve the minimum cardinality vertex covering problem, in order to solve the weighted version of the problem. The model is governed by a modified activation rule and we show that it has some important properties, namely convergence and irredundant covers at stable states. We present(More)
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