A. Latif Dogan

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An inter-vehicle communication (IVC) simulator has been developed to evaluate an intersection collision warning system. Various representative intersection collision scenarios are simulated. The physical and media access control layer of the wireless communication network are modelled in the IVC simulator for transmission of collision warning messages. The(More)
TinyOS has been very popular for wireless sensor network applications and is a de facto standard today. This study compares the architectural differences between the BTnode and Mote platforms and explains how to implement TinyOS applications on the BTnodes. In addition this enables to interface between networks of Mote and BTnode devices.
A variety of file replication algorithms are proposed for Data Grids in the literature. Most of these algorithms ignore real-time Grid applications which are emerging in many disciplines of science and engineering today. Thus, it is important to study and improve the real-time performance of these file replication algorithms. Based on this motivation, in(More)
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