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DNA sequences encoding two variants of a novel gamma-aminobutyric acidA (GABAA) receptor beta subunit were isolated from an embryonic chicken whole-brain cDNA library and a chicken genomic library. The coding regions of these variants only differ from each other by the absence or presence of 12 bp in the region that encodes the presumed intracellular loop(More)
A series of genomic clones containing DNA that encodes the chicken gamma-aminobutyric acidA (GABAA) receptor beta 4 subunit have been isolated. These have been restriction mapped and partially sequenced to determine the structural organization and the size of the beta 4-subunit gene. This gene, which comprises nine exons, spans more than 65 kb. The(More)
We describe an improved method for directly sequencing lambda (lambda) DNA that has been isolated from either crude cleared lysates or plate lysates. This protocol does not require that the DNA be obtained from bacteriophage particles that have been purified by caesium chloride centrifugation. Nanogram quantities of lambda DNA are unidirectionally amplified(More)
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