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Candida antarctica lipase fraction B (CAL-B) showed substrate specificity in the synthesis of esters in hexane involving reactions of short-chain acids having linear (acetic and butyric acids) and branched chain (isovaleric acid) structures, an unsaturated (tiglic acid) fatty acid, and phenylacetic acid with n-butanol and geraniol. The variation in the(More)
The present study analyzes the effect of parameters that determine the use of the zeolite 5A as collector medium in passive flux samplers (PFS) developed to estimate N2O emissions from livestock buildings. The study analyzes the mass of N2O collected on the zeolite 5A as a function of gas flow rate (40 and 130 ml/min), inlet mass of N2O to the PFS (from 7(More)
The passive mechanical properties of whole muscle in active and nonactive states are compared. The experimental results are presented as stress-strain curves, which are analyzed in the framework of the current theoretical background [viz. the freely-jointed chain model (FJCM) and the worm-like chain model (WLCM)] in a semi-quantitative fashion. This(More)
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