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Infiltrating lipoma is an uncommon mesenchymal neoplasm that characteristically infiltrates adjacent tissues and tends to recur after excision. This type of lipoma is extremely rare in the head and neck region. We report a case of a giant infiltrating lipoma of the face, studied with CT and MR imaging.
Test beam results of the NOMAD electromagnetic calorimeter are presented showing linearity, signal uniformity, energy and position resolution measured in an electron beam. Tests were also performed placing the calorimeter in a magnetic eld of 0.4 T. Results on the rejection obtained using a combined measurement of preshower/electromagnetic calorimeter are(More)
The results of all currently operating solar neutrino experiments are analyzed in the framework of the resonant neutrino spin–flavor precession scenario including the effects of neutrino mixing. Nine different profiles of the solar magnetic field are used in the calculations. It is shown that the available experimental data can be accounted for within the(More)
The Seyfert galaxy NGC 6814 is known to show periodic variation of its X-ray luminosity. We found that the sequences of peaks (variability patterns) in the folded X-ray light curves constructed from the Exosat and Ginga data are remarkably similar when one ignores amplitudes of the peaks and considers only their phases. The stable pattern consists of five(More)
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