A Langnau

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Recent results from lattice QCD simulations provide a realistic picture , based upon first principles, of Υ physics. We combine these results with the experimentally measured mass of the Υ meson to obtain an accurate and reliable value for the b-quark's pole mass. We use two different methods, each of which yields a mass consistent with M b = 5.0(2) GeV.(More)
There is currently public discussion as to whether the legal limit of blood alcohol concentration of drivers might be reduced from 0.8% to 0.5%. To acquire information concerning this problem, we measured temporal parameters of saccades and analysed the overall eye-movement behaviour with various blood ethanol concentrations. Eye movements were registered(More)
The spectrum of the Υ system is investigated using the Nonrelativistic Lattice QCD approach to heavy quarks and ignoring light quark vacuum polarization. We find good agreement with experiment for the Υ, Υ ′ , Υ ′′ and for the center of mass and fine structure of the χ b-states. The lattice calculations predict b ¯ b D-states with center of mass at (10.20 ±(More)
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