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OBJECTIVES To validate a new laparoscopy home training model (GYN Trainer®) in order to practise and learn basic laparoscopic surgery. PATIENTS AND METHOD Ten junior surgical residents and six experienced operators were timed and assessed during six laparoscopic exercises performed on the home training model. RESULTS Acquisition of skill was 35%. All(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe a validated and multifactorial deprivation score to study the relationship between socioeconomic deprivation and perinatal risks. PATIENTS AND METHODS The index of deprivation EPICES (Evaluation of Precarity and Inequalities in Health Examination Centers) was used to characterize the deprivation status of 234 women in post-partum in(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate risk factors associated with failed forceps delivery and to compare the maternal and neonatal morbidity. PATIENTS AND METHODS In this retrospective case-control study, all failed forceps delivery cases were analyzed from January 2005 to June 2008 and were compared to a successful forceps delivery cohort. RESULTS The rate of failed(More)
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