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In this paper, a new fast technique of passivity enforcement of a nonpassive rational model is introduced. The technique disturbs poles of the model to restore passivity in such way that the frequency response of a device being modeled is preserved. The passivity enforcement procedure is defined as an optimization routine with the gradients of the cost(More)
—This paper proposes a new sparse matrix storage format which allows an efficient implementation of a sparse matrix vector product on a Fermi Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Unlike previous formats it has both low memory footprint and good throughput. The new format, which we call Sliced ELLR-T has been designed specifically for accelerating the iterative(More)
This paper reports a novel synthesis method for microwave bandpass filters with resonant source-load connection. In effect, a network realizing N+1 transmission zeros (where N is the number of reflection zeros) is obtained. The method is based on a prototype transversal coupling matrix (N+2, N+2) with source and load connected by a resonant circuit formed(More)
  • Adam Lamecki
  • 2016
In this paper, a versatile technique for mesh deformation is discussed, targeted at the electromagnetic (EM) field simulation of high-frequency devices using the 3-D finite element method (FEM). The approach proposed applies a linear elasticity model to compute the displacements of the internal mesh nodes in 3-D when the structure geometry is changed. The(More)
This paper attempts to develop a new automated multipoint model-order reduction (MOR) technique, based on matching moments of the system input-output function, which would be suited for fast and accurate computation of scattering parameters for electromagnetic (EM) systems over a wide frequency band. To this end, two questions are addressed. Firstly, the(More)
In this paper a technique of automatization of design of microwave filters with generalized Chebyshev characteristics is presented. A full wave electromagnetic simulator linked with the Matlab computing environment is used to ensure a rigorous numerical analysis while at the same time allowing automatization. To decrease time of optimization and overall(More)
The paper presents a versatile technique of the construction of multivariate models of inter-resonator couplings. These models are based on results of electromagnetic simulations and can be used for fast synthesis of coupled resonator filters with complex geometry (like comb-line or dielectric resonators filters). To demonstrate the usefulness of the(More)
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