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N. Khandelwal3
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S.K. Singh1
3N. Khandelwal
2M. Dowsett
2I. E. Smith
2M. Singhal
1S.K. Singh
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We examined geographically distinct isolates of Plasmodium vivax and categorized them according to developmental success in Anopheles albimanus. We found that parasites from Central America and Colombia form a group distinct from those of Asia. New World isolates have a distinct chromosomal translocation and an episomal variation in the open reading frame(More)
— Within the scope of an European project a cluster of small cooperative robots capable of executing measurement and manipulation tasks is being developed. The robots are autonomous and have an overall dimension in the order of 1cm 3. We present in this paper briefly the concept of the robots, along with possible locomotion modules based on piezoelectric(More)
Fifteen post-menopausal patients with advanced breast cancer were treated with the LH-RH agonist leuprorelin (D-leu6-des-gly10-Gn-RH-ethylamide) given in a dosage of 7.5 mg as a monthly subcutaneous depot injection, to assess the clinical activity and endocrine response to treatment. None of the 15 patients showed an objective response to treatment,(More)
We report a 44-year-old male, renal allograft recipient of 1-year duration who had two episodes of steroid responsive acute rejection. He presented with graft dysfunction for which a graft biopsy was performed and was suggestive of mixed rejection. At 2 weeks post-biopsy, patient developed severe pain over the graft site with anuria and graft hydronephrosis(More)
Histoplasmosis is a geographically restricted form of fungal infection. Adrenal involvement is seen in disseminated disease but sometimes it may be the only site of demonstrable disease. Early diagnosis and treatment may save the patient from catastrophic adrenal insufficiency. We present two patients showing bilateral adrenomegaly on ultrasonography and(More)
Spontaneous renal hemorrhage (SRH) is a difficult diagnostic problem with various causes. We report a case of SRH and episodic gross hematuria in a patient with metastatic choriocarcinoma involving both kidneys for which successful angioembolization was carried out for control of hemorrhage. There was no evidence of primary uterine tumor and pulmonary or(More)
The possibility that medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) is clinically effective at least in part by its suppression of adrenal steroidogenesis and a resultant reduction of circulating oestrogen levels was investigated in 49 postmenopausal patients with advanced breast cancer. Thirty-one patients were treated with low dose MPA (100 mg three times daily) and(More)
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