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Content Based Retrieval (CBR) systems use Relevance Feedback (RF) to fill the semantic gap. RF can be short-term or long-term. The introduction of long-term learning methods address the memory problem in short-term learning methods. In this letter we propose a new method to enhance the gain of long-term relevance feedback. We have come up with a long term(More)
Image descriptors encode the images in the database as feature vectors. Feature vectors play main role in content based image retrieval. This paper proposes a new feature vector based on wavelets. Most of the natural images have short span high frequencies and low frequencies extending for larger span. Hence, the design of our feature vector is such that it(More)
— Optimization methods have been widely applied in statistics. Among them, capability measuring techniques are widely applied in industries. Process Capability Indices (PCIs) have been proposed for measuring process production capability. This paper concentrates, the lower and upper confidence limits for the PCIs are obtained from generalized pivotal(More)
An efficient non-orthogonal pyramid representation was proposed by Burt. However it has been stated in literature that the Laplacian sub bands of Burt pyramid have redundant information. In this paper, we propose a modified pyramid representation to reduce the redundancy in Laplacian sub bands. The proposed pyramid representation makes use of well studied(More)
We present a new inhomogeneous image restoration model with an edge detection based regularization term, for known linear shift invariant blur kernel. Our regularization term penalizes the noise, but not the edges. Our method is well suited for real world images with texture. The proposed algorithm has two major benefits : It is tuned to decouple edges from(More)
This paper introduces a novel minimum mean square restoration approach with noise adaptive regularization for linear, space invariant known blur. The restoration filter is designed to de-blur the image while minimizing the noise in the image. The adaptive noise reducing characteristic of the filter is proved analytically. It has been substantiated with(More)
This paper presents a simplified near state PWM algorithm (NSPWM) for the reduction of common mode voltage (CMV) in direct torque controlled induction motor drives. In the proposed PWM algorithm instead of using zero voltage vectors, active voltage vectors are utilized for composing the reference voltage vector, So that the CMV changes from +V dc /6 or-V dc(More)
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