A. Lakshmi

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In this paper we introduce an efficient approach for the secure PKI key generation on the idea of multiple modalities Iris and fingerprint. Contributions include a general approach for trivialities purpose generation, distinguishable iris feature generation and a PKI key generation mechanism. The image processing techniques are used to extract a biometric(More)
Data hiding in images is a technique by which the original message can be losslessly recovered after the embedded message is extracted. The previous approaches embed data by reserving room before encryption [RRBE] framework. In this framework iterative partitioning approach is used in the image encryption process which results in more processing complexity.(More)
A " botnet " consists of a network of compromised computers controlled by an attacker (" botmaster "). Recently, botnets have become the root cause of many Internet attacks. To be well prepared for future attacks, it is not enough to study how to detect and defend against the botnets that have appeared in the past. More importantly, we should study advanced(More)
— With the rapid progress in the network based applications, the threat of attackers and security threats has grown exponentially. Misleading of data shows many financial losses in all kind of network based environments. Day by day new vulnerabilities are detected in networking and computer products that lead to new emerging problems. One of the new(More)
Phased array radars are essential for the future missions like Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV), human space mission, and space debris tracking. The capabilities of Phased Array Radar include multiple target long range tracking in skin mode, elimination of mechanical errors and instantaneous beam positioning capability. This paper presents the design of a(More)
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