A. L. Zashikhin

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Interstitial cells of Cajal (ICC) in the gallbladder and in different parts of the biliary tract were identified in adult guinea pigs by means of immunocytochemical reactions to specific marker of these cells--C-kit receptor tyrosine kinase (CD117) and electron microscopic analysis. It was shown that C-kit-positive cells were localized in the muscular(More)
Complex comparative analysis of the organization of smooth muscle (SM) forming the wall of lymphatic vessels in bovine small intestinal mesenterium was performed using the methods of morphometry, quantitative histochemistry (including the analysis of nuclear DNA content, and cytoplasmic protein content) and electron microscopy. SM cells (SMC) isolated by(More)
A new technique was used in experimental bronchospasm model on 30 guinea pigs: spot alkaline dissociation of bronchial smooth myocytes. No pronounced smooth muscle hypertrophy occurred within 50 days but the number of myocytes with contractures increased as well as proliferative activity and hyperplasia of myocytes, degeneration of large myocytes and(More)
Specific granules were found in the epithelium of the pyloric part of the mouse stomach on staining with aldehyde-fuchsin. They were PAS-negative and did not stain with lead hematoxylin. Their production in intact mice is limited to a small zone of the pylorus, with the appearance of a circumscribed spot. α-Adrenergic stimulation caused widening of the zone(More)
This investigation was aimed at the complex evaluation of the reactivity mechanisms of bronchial smooth muscle tissue (SMT) in experimental bronchial spasm. Morphometric, cytospectrophotometric and electron microscopical analysis demonstrated the presence of three types of smooth muscle cells (SMC) within the bronchial SMT (small, medium, large), that(More)
By means of target cell dissociation we studied the cells of smooth muscle tissue from the wall of intact ureter in children in the course of compensatory-adaptive reactions in the vesico-ureteral reflux. Three types of ureteral myocytes differing by structural-metabolic parameters are distinguished. A comparative analysis of the intact and reactively(More)
Histological, histochemical and neurochemical methods were used in order to study the features of the histogenesis of structures of the atrioventricular area of the conducting system of the heart and the formation of their cholinergic innervation in the postnatal period of the hog. Under study were 175 hearts of embryos of the hog at the age of 3, 4, 5, 6,(More)
Using light, electron microscopy and immunohistochemical methods, the reactive transformation of smooth muscle tissue (SMT) was studied in the intestinal wall during the development of acute partial high intestinal obstruction. The material of small intestine was taken from 10 male rats in both the zone of ligature application, and proximal and distal(More)
Comparative study of smooth myocytes in muscular tissue of different order bronchi was carried out by means of complex of electron microscopic, cytophotometric and morphometric methods. Significant difference between the volume of myocytes in major, medium and small bronchi was found. As bronchial diameter reduces the structure of smooth myocyte population(More)