A. L. Sullivan

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A system of primary wildland reserves may be required to ensure a diversity of plant and animal species in the future. A strategy for locating such reserves involves considerations of their location, number, size, and linkage. The equilibrium theory of island biogeography is a useful analytical tool for predicting future biogeographies according to the(More)
During human infection, Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) survives the normally bacteriocidal phagosome of macrophages. Mtb and related species may be able to combat this harsh acidic environment which contains reactive oxygen species due to the mycobacterial genomes encoding a large number of dehydrogenases. Typically, dehydrogenase cofactor binding sites(More)
The typical dental hygiene school admissions committee regularly considers an applicant’s intellectual potential to succeed upon entrance into the program. Since hands-on ability is considered an asset in the dental profession, this research investigates the applicants’ clinical potential by way of three very specific hands-on assessment tests. Each(More)
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